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Mould Removal

Our name MidNorthCoast Mould Movers really says it all. As Goldmorr Master Technicians we service the Mid North Coast, including Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Taree and Forster. We are fully trained, independent contractors.

MidNorthCoast Mould Movers choose the The Goldmorr System which is the future of mould remediation. This innovative and proven system means that we do not have to remove furnishings, and you do not have to relocate during the process.

Inspect - Our team will develop and submit a scope of remediation to safely restore the indoor environment.

Correct - The most critical concept in dealing with a water intrusion event is to eliminate the source and dry up the moisture.

Protect - Our unique product is blended with proven technology that effectively prevents microbial contamination on treated surfaces.

MidNorthCoast Mould Movers always keep up to date with information relating to mould remediation and have recently completed yet another course in "Applied Microbial Remediation".

Mould can pose a really serious health risk, and for your safety mould spores need to be handled by trained personnel. Mould remediation is our speciality so give us a call on 6562 8562 or fill in our enquiry form now.


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